"The only thing better than travelling, is travelling with an acro-crowd."

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What is AcroVentures?

AcroVentures mixes all of our favorite things: travelling, acro and beautiful nature. Explore a new destination together with a group of old and future acro-friends, connect with the core of a place while enjoying intermediate workshops and alternating outdoor activities.


the world acro-style! We take the workshop on the road and truly connect with the core of a place. We move with our tents, we explore the area on hikes and we acro – everywhere! This is your chance to travel AND train, even if you have a small budget.


on the mountain top, bonfire jams- everything is possible because you travel with an acro-crowd and your teachers. The love for acro that we all share will be part of everything we do on the trip. Expect intermediate workshops, free training with teachers and lots of play-time.


and explore the area you are in. Unlike conventions and retreats, connecting to our host country is a major part of the trip. We combine alternating outdoor activities with hikes of varying lenths and difficulties. Always a part of it is acro and enjoying the natural beauty around us.


with like-minded people from all over the world who come together to share their passion for acro, outdoor life, exploring and friendship. AcroVentures are built on the idea of a sharing community and belonging. Everybody contributes in some way to make this trip amazing.

Where Will The Journey Take You?


6th - 12th of August 2018


Main teachers:
Eva Brovinsky & Raven Smith
More details coming soon!

14th -23rd of August 2018


Main teachers:
Alina & Navot
More details coming soon!

Who Travels With Us

There are acro folks who spend their holidays travelling and others who spend every free minute training. And then there are AcroVenturers.


People who want to maintain a daily training practice and expand their skills while at the same time discovering a new destination .


People with a passion to explore. Who want to connect with the heart of a country. Who want to experience what a location is really like but can't go without acro on their holidays.


People who want to discover more of Europe between or around conventions or events. People who want to expand their skills and/or want to connect with the European acro-community before or after a convention.

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